Palisades Grid


    Palisades Grid delivers needed levels of privacy between different working zones whilst maintaining a connection with the whole space.

    It is a highly versatile tubular construction available in black powder-coated steel. The light, open design roots reflect mid-century minimalist modernism.

    There are three unique designs with a large selection of sizes, finishes and accessories, including acoustic panels and storage lockers, to create a highly attractive visual and acoustic barrier.

    Three styles available, plus Installation options.


    • Design 1 - 2424mmW x 412mmD x 1670mmH
    • Design 2 - 2424mmW x 412mmD x 2497mmH
    • Design 3 - 2836mmW x 412mmD x 2317mmH

    Materials: Frame is made from black powder-coated steel. Wooden shelves and lockers are made from plywood.

    • Design 1:
      • 3 x 73h Double Cupboard Base
      • 3 x 4 High Double Frame
      • 2 x Alcove
      • 2 x Alcove With Back
      • 3 x Plywood Shelf
    • Design 2:
      • 3 x 900h Double Cupboard Base
      • 3 x 4 High Double Frame
      • 2 x Alcove with Back
      • 1 x Plywood Panel
      • 3 x Plywood Shelf
      • 1 x Locker with Flush Lock
      • 1 x Alcove
      • 2 x Acoustic Panel
    • Design 3:
      • 3 x 720h Double Cupboard Base
      • 1 x 720h Single Cupboard Base
      • 2 x 2 High Single Frame
      • 2 x 3 High Single Frame
      • 1 x 4 High Single Frame
      • 1 x 4 High Double Frame
      • 3 x Plywood Panel
      • 2 x Alcove with Back
      • 4 x Plywood Shelf

    Warranty: Five years
    Shipping Time: 4-6 Weeks

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