Freestanding Protective Desk Screens - Pair


    A versatile, stable, easy-to-assemble, and clean solution that makes it easier to attend to users or customers. This desk screen ensures physical separation without losing out on interaction and visual contact.

    Whether it be in offices, hospitals, pharmacies, or retail spaces, workers must feel safe and confident enough in creating a more human environment which allows for work areas to be defined. 

    More and more companies are resorting to this solution which, besides providing the required safety, strengthens people’s feeling of safety and mental health, thus inspiring a positive attitude so that employees can work more comfortably, whilst feeling in control and providing value.

    The freestanding protective screen is made of 6-mm thick methacrylate or 4-mm tempered glass, ideal for the administrative and retail sectors. Its rounded-edge design with solid steel support using antislip patches make it a stable and effective protective element. 

    Sold in pairs.


    Small - 500mmH x 750mmW x 150mmD

    Medium - 600mH x 1000mmW x 150mmD

    Large - 750mmH x 1000mmW x 150mmD


    6 mm thick methacrylate (acrylic)

    • High strength amorphous thermoplastic, transparent and colourless.

    • High resistance to traction and impact and excellent clarity

    • Rounded edges.

    4 mm tempered glass

    • Safety glass, high resistance to traction and impact and excellent clarity

    • Rounded edges.

    White powder coated steel supports. 

    Warranty: Five years
    Delivery: 3-4 Weeks
    Shipping Dimensions/Weight:


    Small - 2pcs, 1 pkg, 9.5kg, 0.016 volume

    Medium - 2pcs, 1 pkg, 12.5kg, 0.025 volume

    Large - 2pcs, 1 pkg, 15kg, 0.031 volume


    Small - 2pcs, 1 pkg, 12.5kg, 0.017 volume

    Medium - 2pcs, 1 pkg, 17kg, 0.026 volume

    Large - 2pcs, 1 pkg, 20kg, 0.032 volume

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