Education Design

    We are known for our experience in education design, and each project is undertaken with an award winning approach.

    We don’t have a house style and approach each project from first principles to understand the problem and context before developing the best solution for you. We are passionate about design and research underpins everything we do.

    The education sector continues to evolve its requirements for attracting and retaining staff as well as providing adaptable, stimulating, inspiring and efficient learning workspaces for students of all ages.

    The role of selecting the optimum education design scheme and education furniture has never been so important as today with increasing student numbers, fast-moving trends in technology, institutional competition and budget constraints.

    In order to create a successful project, we will engage with you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your needs and requirements.

    Using our well-established brief process, we will review your institution's culture, understand the nature of the building, work out a budget that optimises your finances and develop a collaborative approach to create a practical learning space that will be attractive, durable and inspiring.

    By listening and understanding your goals and requirements, we create a space and work environment that reflects your institution's standards, ambitions and values, coordinating fittings, materials, colours and finishes to reinforce your brand, image and culture.

    EWD's 20 years of industry experience from commercial office space to residential has brought new perspectives to educational institutions.

    From school projects to higher education institutions to leading Universities EWD has transformed the learning experience of thousands of students.

    We use our unique approach to address current and future education issues with our clients and arrive at design solutions that work within budgets and deliver innovative learning spaces and cost-effective furniture options.

    We are committed to creating a healthy and productive environment of our client's space and can work to the most rigorous leading industry standards such as BREEAM and SENDA.

    EWD can project manage the whole process including the most cost-effective procurement routes.

    EWD source the contractors, manage the tender process, select a full complement of education furniture and fittings as well as managing all the suppliers and contractors as project managers.

    We provide all that your project requires to complete education design packages for classrooms, laboratories, hospitality spaces, student accommodation and libraries.

    Take the time to look at some of our national education design award-winning projects and see how we can create a compelling and inspirational workspace for your employees or your clients.

    See a selection of our education design and furniture supply projects here.

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