Addenbrooke's Hospital

    We have a keen interest in the healthcare sector and healthy living. Addenbrookes Hospital has an opportunity to embrace and promote healthy environments and can do so by example. We are currently working with Addenbrookes to improve and refurbish several key areas.

    We proposed a human centric, biophilic design approach. Research has shown that promoting wellbeing design principles has numerous tangible benefits, including aiding concentration, relieving stress and mental fatigue for the busy staff, to helping patients to feel more relaxed and heal quicker.

    We incorporated natural materials and textures such as wood, stone, plants, and enabled views of the outdoors. We employed natural colours that makes us feel closer to the outdoors, such as blues, greens, and earth tones. Using daylight better, or electric lighting that makes us feel closer to the natural world, supports our circadian rhythms, aiding sleep and wellbeing.

    Ona constrained budget – we aim to maximises the lifecycle and value of the refurbishment, whilst providing a space that is both professional and calm.