Addenbrooke's Hospital

     We have a keen interest in the healthcare sector and healthy living, and this goes hand in hand with our design principles that work to create better spaces for those working and living within them. People are the most important part of any business and should be supported in their work to perform optimally. Addenbrooke's Hospital has an opportunity to embrace and promote healthy environments and can do so by example. Our proposals set out to address the essential principals of wellbeing as it relates to workplace and the health environment. All our work aims to address sustainability principles thereby helping the environment while adding value. It is proven that good design provides business benefit in return.

    We are currently working with Addenbrooke's to improve and refurbish several key areas.For this, we proposed a biophilic design approach. Research has measurably shown that promoting wellbeing design principles has numerous benefits, including relieving stress and mental fatigue for the busy staff who work in the hospital, to helping patients to feel more relaxed and heal quicker.

    We incorporated natural materials throughout our design such as wood, stone, plants, and enabled views of the outdoors. We employed natural colours in the design that makes us feel closer to the outdoors, such as blues, greens, and earth tones. Using daylight better, or electric lighting that makes us feel closer to the natural world, supports our circadian rhythms, aiding sleep and wellbeing.

    We have also suggested a practical layout which accommodates the busy environment while also projecting a professional, calm and modern identity. This could include new floor finishes, new colour schemes, new furniture and refurbishment of the existing reception desk as well as work to the suspended ceiling and lighting. The addition of the ambient light, new directional signage, new seating and creating a dedicated space for the wheelchairs and visitor seating all make it a welcoming reception fit for this prestigious hospital. The addition of the biophilic principles and artwork on walls makes the environment welcoming and brings about a positive feeling. The proposal also highlights areas for walk off matting, non-slip floors notice boards etc which form part of the Health and Safety protocol. This maximises the life-cycle and value of the refurbishment, whilst providing a space that is both professional and calm.