Moving House or Office? Important Factors to Consider

    Moving House or Office? Important Factors to Consider


    Moving house or office can often seem like a daunting task. Setting the date, booking a moving company, getting all your apparel into boxes while your normal life goes on is indeed challenging and hectic. A good preparation is half the work and therefore we provide you with the following list of factors that can be driven to the background between all the moving day logistics when moving to a new home or office. 

    • Utility Bills
    • Insurance 
    • Address Update


    Utility Bills

    Something not on the top of everyone’s mind but nevertheless important is your utility bill. Often when moving your energy bill could significantly increase. When you move to a new home you will automatically be placed on the existing energy plan of the previous owners. Therefore carefully considering your energy plan for your new home is crucial. Companies like Papernest will help you easily set up a different plan to get the best deal for you without any hassle. 

    Getting the right utility plan for you and your family is especially crucial in times like these, with soaring gas and electricity prices putting heavy upward pressure on utility bills. Getting the right plan could save you a good amount of money on a yearly basis. 


    You will often have insurance in place for protecting the contents of your home or office against things such as floods, fires, or theft. When moving it is crucial to ensure that your insurance policy covers your content from the day that you move in. If you buy a home or an office instead of renting one, building insurance is also a must-have. Similar to utilities, inquiring at your current insurance company or comparing new deals is part of a good preparation. Another insurance specifically for moving itself could be transit insurance. Many insurances include coverage for damaged goods during moving transports but not all do, be sure to check with your insurance policy whether it is included in your policy or not. 

    Address Update

    Telling friends and family your new address is probably something you will do straightaway. However, there are a lot of other parties that you need to notify of your new address. These include among others, your bank, your work, any subscription services, and the post office. It is often good to make a list of all the parties you know that need your address to be sure that you do not forget anyone important. When you move office, address updates are also vital. Inform all companies you do business with of your newly updated address to make sure that shipping or invoices get sent to the right place. 


    Moving house or office will always remain challenging. However, if you take care of the aforementioned factors next to all the usual hassle that comes with moving, you will set yourself up for a great time at your new home or office.